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Will brown SPS colour up


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There is a sale at a lfs for SPS corals. There still brown. Will they ever colour up. Ones cats paw coral and the other is montipora digitata. Will they eventually colour up or will they stay brown. Also which is an easier SPS coral to care for. Got my tank set up for SPS now. Added more flow and its been up for about 9 months now. Calcium is up to 420 and i got enough light as well now. Thanks.


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A brown coral is sometimes a sign that the environment in which the coral is placed in has high nutrients such as nitrates or phosphates. Other causes of browning coral colour could be lacking levels of calcium, magnesium, light, temperature and water movement. There are many factors that regulate the health physiology of corals and these are just some of them.


Providing that you keeps up the quality of your system and keep the environmental factors in check then it should color up again. Generally I have found that when I do a water change my monti colors up a little bit more. Since aquired the frag it has slowly changed from a brown/green to a light bright/green and is getting better all the time.

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Yeah, just give it a good home, and it will color up to somthing other than brown, but it may take a few months so be prepaird to be patient.


Remember, them guys in Figi and Indonesia arn't stupid. They know that people don't like brown coral and would pay extra for the colorful coral. Basicaly, they don't harvest brown coral.

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