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10G Nano Build


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Hi there


Finaly on the way to setting up my first nano, i just sold my 2 tropical setups today and have bought a AGA 18"L x 12"w x 12"d just over 10G and an acrylic sheet which should come on monday, i am planning on doing something like this




I wanted to have a built in sump hidden behind a false wall to give the clean look , heres some schematics of the sump. However need some help to see if this would work.




For a skimmer i plan on using the Tunez DOC 9002 Nano skimmer any opinions reason for choice was due to its size and width.




not sure how much circulation i would need in the tank but was thinking about 10x the volume.Im going to begin building the stand next weekend or sometime this week so will post some photos but need some feedback on the tank setup.


Thanks Ash

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