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Sudden Increase in Levels


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My 10 Gallon tank has been cycling for right around a month, I tested my levels a few days ago they were:

0- ammonia Alk-3.43

0- nitrates P.h- 8.2

0- nitrites Cal-430

DKH-9.6 S.G.-1.023

I use all Salifert test.


I recently added an A.C 70 Fuge I bought a pirce of rubble,added live sand from main tank, and cheato.


I also added 3 snails to get rid of the Diatoms.


Yesterday, I showed traces of nitrates, so I did a 10% waterchange today, these were the readings:

ammonia - .02;nitrates - 20;

nitrites - .03


Do you think the rubble may have caused a spike in levels?


What should I do?


Thanks For any Responses.

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Any time you add LR there is a chance for die off. Also do a head count on your snails. Rinse out the cheato, I find mine really picks up detritus.


Any time you disturb the sand bed too much, you can also kick off a mini cycle. Just give it time to get back in check.

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