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What is more effective?


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Buying a AquaC hang on tank remora or the AquaC Urchin in sump skimmer?


So the question is does the skimmer do a better job in a sump or on the back of a tank?



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Oh the sump Urchin is bigger. But there the same price.
i didn't know that. i thought the urchin and remora (regular or pro) were the same exact size. i thought the only difference being the "hang-on" or "hang outside tank" ability of the remora.


i've used remora's inside the sump too. you just need to support it to lift its 'feet' so it's level. i'd double-check the sizing though.


if they're equal size/reactor-chamber capacity, then i'd go with the remora to have the ability to go either way, inside sump or hang-on. more versatility/options.

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I've been looking into the urchin, but I can't figure out where the return is? From the pictures I've seen there is just an opening on the side. Is this right? Is there a tube or anything so I can direct the flow?

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