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easy 12g nano dx surface skimmer mod


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Hi All

I just had an idea which might hep people using the nano surface skimmer.

Me like everyone else have a problem with the skimmer falling off all the time and not working really well (needing to be tweaked alot depending on the water level)

I thought about gluing it but had another idea which seems to work well.

I drilled a small hole in the center of the skimmer and ran a zip tie through it. I then ran the thin end of the zip tie through the grill leading to the first chamber. Using the head of another zip tie I attatched the skimmer by pulling the zip tie tight. Now I can adjust the height of the skimmer by sliding it up and down the slots in the back of the nano or I can completely bypass the skimmer by sliding it all the way down so it is submerged. I hope this makes sense. I am sure someone has thought of this before but I figured I would post it anyway. Thanks for looking.

Cheers. Pete.

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