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Need Advice-Disease Treatment


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I have a 29G FOWLR with two fish. One true perc and one royal gramma. Clown has had white (cottony looking clump) in his mouth for over a month. He seems to be getting better. Gramma is flashing, darting,etc. No spots or ich looking symtoms. I have a quarantine tank that I can go to with them. LFS said to pull from tank, treat with cupramine and furanase, keep in quar. for a month. Let main tank go fallow during this time. What are you thoughts on treatment and will the tank be disease free after this month. I have three shrimp and clean up crew also.

Please advise...

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If you have a QT or are able to put the fish somewhere in a designated QT, that would be good.


Just be careful with the copper.

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