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Newb wants a nano reef


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Hi all!

People tend to call me Louis soo... Hey all I am new to this forum as you prob can tell!! I was reading a mag last night called Practical Fishkeeping don’t know if you have heard of it!! Any way they is an article about small tanks and I did not know that I could have a reef tank under 40l I was like WOW really... so I am think bout setting one up I have though bout setting up a marine tank be4 but I was 14 and did not have a lot of money or the space for one because I was told that the smallest I could go was 100l but now I am 16 had a tropical tank form the age of 13 and I have bit more money and more space for a nano reef...so any ways just would like to ask a few questions!


1) What is the smallest tank I could go?

2) What kind of filited would I need for that tank?

3) Would I need a protein skimmer?

4) What kind of corals could I have?

5) What kind of fish could I have?

6) If I wanted just seahorse on there own because they have to be kept in a tank for them self do you think it would be best to start off with them and what kind do u think I should have?

7) What kind of light would I need?

If I can think of any more I will post them!



Louis :D

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well theirs alot of differant ways you could go a nano could be as small as a pico reef not advised for a beginer tho. Could start out with a 10 gallon with an ac 500 modified into a refugium with a small nano skimmer and lighting depends on what you want to keep.dont know too much about seahorses never kept them before.fish could be almost anything that stays under 3 inches as long as its reef safe blenny's smaller gobies clowns damsels things like that.

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The smallest tank I've seen is a 1g nano. A nano filter like the one for JBJ Pico is fine and you don't not need a skimmer. Kind of corals you could have depends of the lighting. SPS with MH and softies with PC. The only kind of seahorse for that size tank is dwarf and they require live pods. Larger nano 20-29g then a skimmer recommended.

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Depends on what you want. I've seen as small as 1/2 a gallon (for experienced aquarists)

Would be good to have a sump, some use an HOB.

Protein skimmer - optional, many get by w/o them on a nano.

Corals - depend on your lighting, w/ good lighting sky's the limit (almost)

Fish - depend on size of your tank & corals you keep

Don't know much about the seahorses

Lighting - depends on the coral you'd like to keep, LPS are also okay w/ PC

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id say a 10g minimum for a beginner. seahorses isnt the best idea either since they require a lot of research and time.

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1) as small you want but since ur beggining id go with 10Gallon or 20Gallon

2) Live rock and a small power filter with a sponge or you could just skip the power fillter

3) No you dont need a Skimmer, but you would want one if taking care of an anemone or hi bio-load (lots of fish or lots of livestock.

4) Depends on your lighting

5) Search on that

6) IfI dont know about seahorses, srry

7) if having coral id start with 4Watts per gallon or more, if fish only tank/seahorse id go with 2Watts pergallon

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AWWW thank you all for the help!! i will take this info in and i will post back with my new nano soon i hope ? but i will still stay on and get more info thanks again


Louis :)

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