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Which Return Pump?


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well im getting ready to re set-up my 30g. Oceanic Cube.. but this time with SeaHorses... im doing a sump this time and i need a retrun pump but i dont know which one to get bc i need to get it from the 20H sump into the chiller and then up to the tank.. the tank is 21" high and the stand is 38" high.. can someone help me on which pump to get?? im looking at a a Mag Drive.. keep in mind this is a Seahorse tank and i will probably have another one or two powerheads in the tank..so this isnt the only place where fow is comming from.. i was thinking either Mag 9 or Mag 12.. which one do you think would be best??? or do you have a diff option??

thank you VERY much


P.S. i dont know if this is important or not but the chiller is a 1/10 HP Coralife Aqua Chill


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wait so how do i get slower flow through the chiller AND get it back up to the tank??

2 pumps

or you could T the return flow and send some into the chiller and then back to the sump, and the rest to the tank


i'd get 2 pumps though

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You could do it like that, but it's easier to have the return from the chiller going back into the sump.


Or...you could get a pressure rated pump which can handle going through the chiller, and back up to the tank. Panworlds or iwakis are good for this.

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i think ill go with just having the return from the chiller going back into the sump..

yep, thats what i would do

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