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Absorbes phosphates, some nitrates, and other nasties. Beyond that, you got me. Dont use the stuff in my 12 or 40

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it's both an adsorber (mechanical-surface) and an absorber (chemical bonding).


i use it mainly to absorb organic compounds but it probably absorbs inorganic compounds too (is there chemist in the house?)


it has immense surface area relative to its size and that gives it biological filtration abilities but i doubt anyone in the hobby really uses it for that.


i use it 24/7 and typically replace every week or every other week to "polish" the water.


if you use algae, tolerate algae, or surrendered to algae, you should use carbon to deal with the gelbstoff (i.e. algae puke...ok, ok, it's just yellowish organic matter that discolors the water a yellowish tint). it's given off from the algae cells as they leak or algae is eaten, etc. hth

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