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NanoCube 24 Heat Problems


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OK, usual NanoCube overheating problem. I have the JBJ 24 cube. For what ever reason the tank is running really hot. I was getting ready to convert it to a seahorse tank and was doing a good clean up before I started changing my aquascape. Anyway water felt warm so I put a thermometer in there and it read 87 degrees. WOW, that is high. I did all the usual stuff. Turned off the heater just in case its faulty. Cleaned the MJ1200 pump in the sump, took out the minijet from the main tank. Check fans and grills to make sure the were free of debris and running. Even reversed one fan so that one is blowing and one is sucking.

Changed out the mj1200 with the stock pump, etc... Anyway woke up this morning, only had the mj1200 running, no heater, lights off, AC in house was set to 75 degress. Temp in tank was 80 degrees. I either have a faulty digital thermometer or it is really 80 degrees. I have one of those Lifeguard little time and temp thermonitors. It was in a box and has not been used in a while but I replaced the battery and it seems to function fine. I am going to buy a differant type of thermometer today to see but can anyone else think of what is possible causing such high temps? It would be great to keep this below 80 to keep the horses but at these temps it not an option now.

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These nanocubes are a closed tank. They are terrible when it comes to ventilation. You can always install more fans in the hood, try leaving the front flap up or invest in a chiller.


Nanocubes = crock pots with lights.

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Even reversed one fan so that one is blowing and one is sucking.

The fans both have to be running the same direction, blowing in or sucking air out.

When you reverse only one fan you just end up with a little loop of airflow between fans, but not removing much heat from the areas the lamps are located.


You could probably disconnect all but one light for a pony tank to cut down on heat from the lighting.


With just one light & one pump running I don’t see how you could have much of a heat load, so checking your temp thermometer would also is a good idea.

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