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Juvi Mantis Shrimp ?


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I often work later hours and watch my 120G tank for awhile when I get home late at night. The last few nights, I have seen very small clear or translucent brown creatures crawling in and out of the small holes in my rockwork. I managed to catch a few with my turkey baster, but they are wicked fast. They're maybe 1/8" at the largest and barely visible at the smallest. They are long, thin, curl up in a ball, and swim in circles using what appear to be little fins or something on their bellies. I will try to get a picture tonight.


I know that the answer is going to be, inevitably, that these are mantis shrimp fry, but I am posting this is the vain hope that someone will tell me they're something else. There are many, many of these things, and they crawl on most of my rockwork. Many of the rocks are 20 lbs, and taking them out to squirt freshwater or carbonated water sounds like a nightmare.


Does anyone think these might be something other than mantis shrimp? Does anyone have suggestions on what to do about them, whatever they are? If they are mantis shrimp, do I likely have two adults hiding somewhere too? I got the rocks about a month ago from a LFS, and haven't had any stock missing or dead. But, it's a relatively new tank. . . Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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