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I go to Just about fish alot just to look at their tanks! they have some amazing coral tanks and very good livetock forsale. their rock is very expensive though but it prety good over all on the quality side. Aside from my hairy mushroom thats whaere i have gotten all of my corals from. They will frag off anything they have in their tanks for you. Very nano reefer friendly!


It is on montgomery road in harpers point on the kemper side of montgomery rd. in that strip mall.


Also in mt healthy I think? there is another good looking store called Aquatics and exotics. They are realy expensive but offer even better quality of live stock. I have never seen anything sickly there even in there fresh water tanks. They have got a 2500 gallon tank or somthing like that with TWO black tip and one white tip reef sharks swimming around in the back left of thier store. If you dont buy from them it is worth the trip just to look.





The Jacks I have had such good luck with is the one in tri county mall by sam's club.


I have had good luck with the one on galabraith in dillonvale mall as well.


I havent been to the one on feilds ertle yet because I can find it! What is it next to? I here they have the best sellection and biggest coral tanks of all the jack's pet's in the area though.



I am in Norwood where are you ? I will be looking to trade some frags of my Xenia and my Toadstool and finger leathers in about another month or so. They are growing like wild fire!!!


There is also a very healthy shop on colrain ave called Monford aquariums. NICE LOOKING CORALS THERE! They have a saddle anenome in a 175g tank that has been set up since 1992 that is about 3 feet around!!!!! I swear to god Is is around 3 feet around!!!!!!


Another good place to go but is kind of a whole in the wall is all about pets in west chester right on 42 before you hit mason.


pet's-n-such in mason is starting to go salt now as well.




Have you found any place here in Cinc'y that has nice coraline cover rock on the inexpensive side?


I am trying to find a good supplier here localy for about 60 lbs for my 29g and a 12 gallong for my girlfriend.

The rock I got from jacks when i first started out with my 5.5 is awsome because I got it all from their fish tanks and not the rock holding tanks.. the rock I got the other day from their holding tanks aside from the starfish is prety coraline free and white'ish

looking. VERY nice shapes though.


I figure if I can get some more realy nice shaped ones like these I can seed it with some realy coraline covered ones from a better quality local supplier.

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