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NC 4.24 Fuge light spill over?


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I recently installed a 4.24 from Nanotuners in my NC 12dx (which by the way, rocks!). I had already installed a 13 watt fuge light over bays one and two. Now the problem I am having is with the fuge light spill over at night.


When I had the 2.24 set-up, I modded a surface skimmer out of a dark plastic box lid. I also used a little weather stripping on the splash guard and the fuge light spillage was history.


After adding the 4.24 heat shield, there is no wall between the lights and the back compartments. Because of this, more light from the fuge spills into the splash guard and lights up the entire tank. I run my fuge light 24hrs so at night it looks crappy and many corals stay open. I built a pseudo wall out of the weather stripping but it doesn't help much with the light and increases the tank temp exponentially.


Anyone else out there running a 109 w of PC or using a 4.24 heatshield and fuge light having the same problem? Any ideas?



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I run an external fuge light for these very reasons.


You could try gluing a piece of black acrylic in front of the fuge light and keep the weather stipping on top of the false wall.

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