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Favorite 175MH bulb?

deacon hemp

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deacon hemp

As above ^^^ post your favorite one that you've used,and why its the best? Also state if you suppliment with actinic or not.Its bulb change time and i havent run MH's in a long time,my current bulb is a ushio 10k and its waaay too yellow for me.I want a bulb thats pretty blue and no actinics,also growth is not an issue (slows fine).Ive never seen a 20K bulb run in person aswell and i want crazy neon colors popping.


Someone told me iwasaki 14K's are good but i cant get them up here.The coralvue reeflux 14K? is supposed to be a good bulb but again i cant get those.The LFS's here have these....







Would ordering a iwasaki or coralvue going to be better?

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I like the 10k Ushio's and 10k XM, both are nice white, Ushio wins out IMO. But I would like a bit more blue in my light.

I'm looking forward to trying out the new Iwasaki 14k. The new one that's super bright and not as blue as the 14k hamilton I've tried (14k hamilton with actinics is too blue for my taste).

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