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Coral Vue Hydros

10 gal nano has been up for a year


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Here are the specs of my 10 gal nano. I have had it for a year but just joined this site. I hope to get pics for you all soon.



10 gal AGA

2X32w PC actinic/10000K (14 hours actinic/ 12 hours daylight)

50 watt Aquarium Systems heater

Hagen 204 Powerhead

Aquaclear Mini (no media)

Coralife Mini Airstone skimmer (fits in the Aquaclear mini)

Whisper 400 air pump for skimmer

Aquarium Pharmacueticals Test Kits

Kent Supplements (iodine, strontium and molybdium, calcium, phytoplex, chromoplex)

Brita top off water




Soft Corals, etc.:

Pulsing Xenia


Tonga Orange Long Tenticle Leather

Flouro Green Leather

Yellow Polyps

Green Zoanthids

Green Star Polyps


Encrusting Gorgonian


Hard Corals:


Montipora digitata (orange)

Hydnopora sp. (turquoise)

Murilina sp. (green)




T. derasa

Flame scallop

Bumblebee snails






Coral Banded Shrimp

Red Leg Hermit

Blue Leg Hermit




Royal Gramma


Macro Algae:


Cauperla racemosa

C. cupressoides

C. serptularoides

3 kinds of red (unidentified)

Flouro Purple stuff (no one I know has ever seen this stuff, I you have some, email me).


Other Stuff:


Green Linkia

Purple Tube Anenome

Lime Green Feather Duster

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Interesting, I have been wanting to do something I can put a tube anemone in for some time. Do you have any problem with it stinging other animals? Am curious to see pictures of the tonga orange long tentacle leather that sounds neat.

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I will work on pics for everyone. As for the tube anemone, I have kinda smushed his tube in a back corner and place a rock in front of him which protects the rest of my stuff. When he comes out, he has to come strait up and so he isn't a problem. He is in a lower lit back area of the tank, so you can see him, but he doesn't take up precious coral lighting space.

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Hey techno, you don't have any problems with the niger eating shrimp, etc.? I know people try them but wanted some first hand feed back. How big is he. I have a 4'' in my FO.

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