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The tang is still not eating or I should say not eating any of the frozen foods that I put into the tank. My sheet algae is being eaten everyday but the only fish I have seen eat any of it is the fox face. The owner of the lfs thinks that if the tang had a bacterial infection the other fish in the tank would be affected also. The tang seems to have no other signs of disease. He is swimming around the tank better today. The owner of the LFS thinks his agression when he was first put into the tank has made him a little nervous. I dont know if I believe that or not because the tang was the aggressor and now swims with the other fish without any issues.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I am totally confused and dont want to lose this fish. I dont understand why he would eat for a few days and then stop. To me thats a sign for trouble.

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Offering him frozen food is probably the best route, and you are already doing this.


Kole tangs can be very nervous fish. I would give him a couple of days - unless he already looks emaciated he should be OK.



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The Kole I had ate Spectrum pellets only when I first got him and eventually ate mysis, but that was about all it would eat for the 5 years I had him.

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