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Lighting Suggestion for a Cube Nano?


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Hi Everybody,


I had a question i was wondering if anyone can help me with.


my "refugium" is a 14x14x14 cube acrylic tank. My sump has actually become my refugium of some sort so i was going to turn the cube into a small nano-tank. it's plumbed into a 60gallon tank on top so water volume/quality is not an issue. =)


b/c of the unique size of it..i can't seem to find any style of bulb that'll fit it perfectly. the only ones that are close enough will be longer than the tank itself. not really that big of a deal but would like to have everythign fit inside the 14x14 dimension.


any suggestions? right now i am currently running 2x13watt PC. Here is an old picture of the cube:







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PSL is money-FWIW-if you're interested in a new 12" x 8.25" x 2.5" (high) version of their solar hood i have one that i'd give you a great deal on-2x27W PCs. otherwise custom sealife makes a 27W "Sealight" with a 9W supplemental actinic. HTH!

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28w PC bulbs are under 13 inches. with plastic/silicone endcap that may push the total length over your 14" mark, but you can always use bullet connectors and do it ultra-ghetto diy. shove it all in a hood and nobody will know the difference. goodluckhavefunbye.


edit: i spelled werds rong

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decided to try SPS and wanting to do it right went with a halide. 18" deep tank, the pc hood (had bruce build it because no one else makes such a small hood with as much light (54W)) lit it up really well but i really wanted to try my hand at halides.


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