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Alge....please Help...it Wont Go Away


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I need help with brown alge.....its all over my sand , LR and gets on my glass.....Im running an eclipse 12 with the wet dry it comes with (wheel / filter media). I have a clean up crew.....emerald,coral banded shrimp, 5 red legged hermits, 2 zebra hermits, 3 queen conch, 1 bumblebee and 1 astrea. water changes are 2 gal. once a week. Lighting is a 32 watt PC on fro 8 hrs. Nitrates are 10 and wont go lower. Already tried the 5 gal. water change........I would like a clean tank...Please help

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how old and how big is your tank? looks like you might have a cyano outbreak which is common for new tanks that are going through cycling,especially since your nitrates are still high (should be at 0).

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usually the cyano will eventually die off as the cycling completes. your clean crew should be taking care of the bloom. I would wait until after it's been cycled before adding new layers of sand

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