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7 gallon bow


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I had posted once before back in November but had an algae bloom that made it embarassing to post. I now have finally won my battle with the hairy algae. I still see a little from time to time, but nothing that can't be removed or eaten by the cleaning crew. Coralline has developed pretty much all over the powerhead and the back wall. Feel a little better about posting pictures of the tank then before!



8.5 lbs Fiji Cured Live Rock

10 lbs live sand

Star Polyp

Maze Brain Coral

Acropora (frag)

4 turbo snails

2 percula clowns

5 blue legged hermits

1 Banded Coral Shrimp

1 Button Polyp







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i like how the gsp's are the centerpiece. gsp is one of my favorite corals. i have a 55g and am hoping it just takes over. i love the way they move in the current, kind of like a tall grass hillside in the wind.

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How healthy are the two percs in your minibow? I have a minibow myself, and think it would be a crime not to put a pair of those little guys in, but many people say that's too many fish for a 7g.

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