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acrylic scratches


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Rainbow Lifeguard makes a acrylic scratch removal kit that works well. It consists of several different grades of very fine sandpaper which you work through until the scratch is gone. I have taken out some pretty decent gouges with the kit. Novus makes pastes which also work well.

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i've never taken out scratches personally but from my research of other people's posts it sounds like a lot of work you may want to do a search on reef central before you fool around with it.

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You can use tooth paste. Try to find the old type tooth paste without all of the added flavers. Use a 100% cotton cloth over a block. Don't do this inside an opperational tank, "DA". This will remove light scratches. Deep scratches will need a scrach removal kit.

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I have used the Novus paste on large aquariums with an orbital buffer. It works great for large hazy areas as well as deeper scratches. I guess it depends on what you need to do. Paste for large areas, the Lifeguard kit for smaller areas of haze or isolated scratches.

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damn I have to fix a BIG wall of acrylic 4 X 6' inside tank.

I need a way to do it wiht WATER IN THE TANK.

no way I want to drain a 280 with live stock in it unless I can powerbuff the scratches out in less than 2 hours.

(I did a thread on this topic only 2 months or less ago I bumped it recently Ill see if I can find it)

Still no dice. :(


EDIT: derrrr I LOVE "search"


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So, I went to TAP Plastics today and got a demo of the Novus system...Needless to say, I scratched up some sheets of scrap acrylic and the salesman proceeded to buff them to perfection in a matter of minutes. I'm now the proud owner of Novus 2 and Novus 3. I'll let you know how it works!

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