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Originally posted by tufty711

wow nice tank, i like the way u have fitted in all the corals tightly


Having some slight problems with that now. My bubble coral is getting larger by the day and is starting to aggravate some zoo's. The problem now is finding a safe spot for them. Can't move the Zoo's that mat has spread across 3 rocks.


And thank you for the compliments, Crakeur, tufty711.


After several rookie mistakes its starting to come together.;)

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That's looking very nice! Be careful with the bubble. Anthony812 had one in his tank and it stung 3 of his coral to death one night.


How are those fish working out? I'm trying to figure out what to put in my 40 with the two clarkii I have for it. Do the green chromis school?

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Chromis are nice there very active and they do school. The right end of my tnak is there territory and they defend it. The blue devil and the percula are tougher fish so they just shrug it off. If you do have a small shy fish it will get bullied by a school of chromis.


I'm in the process of moving this 29Gal into a 50 gal with MH(next month or two maybe). The Chromis won't be going.


I wouldn't go with Chromis.

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