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The road to 400ppm...


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In my 28 gallon bow front reef I can't seem to get to 400ppm.


I now add 10mL each morning of each B-Ionic part. This is more than the recommended dose but I can't seem to get past about 350ppm. kH is 9, pH is 8.3. I think the problem may be my top off water (also the water used to mix new saltwater) as it has no calcium. How much B-Ionic (if any) would you put in the top off/new water, or do I need a different product for this application (such as AgraMILK)?


Let me know what you guys do to get it up! :o

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um, videos and viag... oh wait, you meant...




do you have a lot of algae growing (cyano, hair, macro, slime, etc., any of these?). if so you may want to start boosting your magnesium.


the chlorophyll is centered around the mg so any type of flora growth will naturally depress that value over time. quickly (relatively speaking) if you have an algae outbreak.

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