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heat problem


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Maybe crack the hood open during the day/night. Also, the stock pump runs hot, so replacing that could create less heat.

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Flatlander's idea is pretty well spot-on. You're going to have to force some water to evaporate somehow to cool the tank, the downside is that you will probably cause some fluctuations in chemical concentrations that will be upwards of dramatic if you don't keep up with FW topoffs really well.

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Another alternative is, if you work during the day, you can run a reverse cycle


Basically just opposite what you are doing now, Lights on at Night, Lights off during the day


This theory utilizes the cool air of the night as opposed to the hot air during the day, and this will also be a plus if you work during the day..


While your at work, the lights are off, when you come home, turn the lights on.


Whats cool about fish tanks is you have the ability to play God... ^_^


Also the stock pumps are known to emit lots of heat stated by flatlander, replace with maxi 900 or 1200

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