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my first pico


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I just ordered this tank and i was wondering if this light, or thislightt would work for it. I ordered the black stand and canopy but don't know if im goin to be useing it. Now for the filter im most likely going to be useing this filter, with some filter floss just to catch debris, and add circulation. I wanted to be able to keep some mushrooms, soft corals and zoos. Is it possible to keep some lps or is this fixture not effecient enough. For fish mayb and goby, and shrimp but that would be all. Any suggestions as to better lighting options or ideas for this tank would be great

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I would go with the 2X18W fixture so you have a few more options as far as corals go, but it doesn't look like you'll have enough room to rest it on top of the tank with out modding it. You could hang it from the ceiling about an inch or two above the tank, though.





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yeah thats the problem because i dont have much experience in wiring and electirical is it possible to by the ficture and replace the bulb

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