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A Ghetto Light

Wigguh Noony

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I'm going to need a small light for my 2 Gallon fuge. I made one with crap I had laying around my house.



Do you see the hatchery that looks like a back box? I took one of them (since they barely work anyway), and drilled a whole in the center of the bottom. Then I took one of those extension cords with the light fixture on the end, and put that on the outside of the hole I drilled, and on the inside I screwed in a light bulb...(Not just any light bulb, a light bulbs my LFS uses on the fuges...I bought one from them), last I lined the inside of the black box with tin foil.


It works pretty well, and I think it will be exactly what I need. Now all I have to do is find out how im going to hang it from under my tank. X)

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