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My 10 Gallon update


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thanks chris, yeah the coraline growth is crazy i have to scrape it off the front every week.


Thanks Djm.


I plan to frag that big leather soon and export it to my 90gal reef when its set up. that leather is getting too big for a nano.

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great tank! What are the specs of the tank? I mainly just want to know what you add to the tank (supplements)....Also, would you mind posting a full tank picture...?

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Daily I dose with Liquid Calcium.

Every other day with Iodine and every 3 days with Strontium & Molybdenum.


Corals are fed Chromaplex Phytoplankton nightly.

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it actually looks like the leather touches the polyps, but infact they are about 1/2 inch away form them. i am more worried about the bubble than the polyps.

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