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Opinions on my lighting?


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I have a via aqua 18 gal. tank with the raised compact lighting on top. I'm still learning about lighting and wanted to know if this one is sufficient for a mini reef. It is 36w x2 with a 7100k white and 12000k blue. Also, could someone explain the two bulbs and how I should be using them? the ballast has 2 switches one for each bulb. Any advise is really appreciated thanks.


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that is the ideal light for the setup...you can keep any softie...with 2 switches u can now turn on your antice before your daylight bulb...the turn off your daylight bulb before the antic...just to simulate the natural cycle...i suggest just puttling them on timers....hopefully someone can tell u how early to tern the blue on before the daylight.....hope this getts u started

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Thank you for your reply, does anyone else have anything to add?

I haven't added any corals to my tank yet. At this time I have LS/LR cleanup creq and a pair of percs. Just want to make sure the lighting is ok before I try and add anything else. Thanks

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Are the bulbs really 7100k daylight and 12000k actinic? I ask because I recently bought the 11g version for my GF and it had 10k daylight and 7100k actinic. Anyway the lighting that they come with is fine for most softies. If I recall the 18 light only had one plug though right? If so, you wont be able to set it up for dusk and dawn......unless you are willing to rewire the fixture to have two plugs. If you look in the DIY forum there is a thread on how to do this. Its very simple


Good luck!! =)


edit: wait your right the daylight is 7100k but I dont remember the actinic being 12000k. You may want to upgrade the 7100k to 10k if you dont like the color (might be a little yellow) but you can always wait untill its time to replace the bulbs.

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Thanks Deskjockey, am I supposed to have both lights on all day, or is the blue only needed before and after I turn on the daylight bulb? Thanks again.


** Before anyone breaks my balls, I did try the search button on this one :) **

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