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1 Year 1 Month anniversay


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Its 1 year and 1 month now since i first set up my Nano Reef :)

Gone from just a few rocks to a full blown reef.



15g 6 corner Tank

2x 50/50 Arcadia 15 watt flourescant tubes(1x marine white 1x marine blue)

Maxijet 500 powerhead

RedSea Prizm skimmer with Surface skimmer upgrade

50w AquaEl Heater



1x Blue Chromis



4x Astrea's

4x Ceriths

3x Stripe-legged Hermits

1x Cleaner Shrimp

1x Tiger Pistol Shrimp

?x Baby margarita's(hitchikers)

1x Limpet, Scutus unguis(hitchiker)

?x Asternia stars(Hitchhikers)

?x Brittle stars(Hitchhikers)

?x Mini-Small feather dusters(wide color variety,Hitchhikers)




Candy Cane Caulastrea furcata

Horn Coral, Encrusting Hydnophora exesa

Hairy Mushrooms Rhodactis indosinensis

Blue Murhsoom Actinodiscus Sp.

Button Polyp's Protopalythoa sp.

Pineapple Brain Favites spp.


Macro algae:

Halimeda sp



Flowerpot Alveopora Sp., withered away after 7 months, a total mystery, i am aware of the fact alveopora is very difficult to maintain and it was an accidental buy at first, it thrived for those few months and nearly doubled in mass.


3x Clowns, the first one jumped out and was found dried out, the other two apperantly died from stress(this was within my first few months of reefing)


3x Peppermint shrimps, violently ripped apart and picked off one by one by an evil dottyback


Trochus Snail, died of presumably natural causes after a year(displayed the symptoms of old age)


2x Astrea snails, died of poor acclimatation in my first few months of reefing


Sand sifting starfish, died of a gap of information(i had red most except that they couldnt be exposed to air)


Bicolor Dottyback, died alone in a tank due to system faliure(had to remove it from the main tank due to its agressive nature to other inhabitants, and no LFS would have it)


Lawmower blenny, died of unknown causes, seemed to just thin out and waste away, even tho there was an over abundance of Hair algae.


3x Stripe legged hermits, presumed killed by unknown forces the last of the 3 was last seen crawling without any shell 1 month ago


Sea Squirt, intentionally killed(a hitchhiker removed due to its toxic nature)


Caulerpa sp, Pesky macro growing like weed, but its finally been compleatly eliminated


Aiptasia bastards, Wilfully killed taking pleasure in every one of them(the fight still goes on)


Last list is a bit depressing, but as they say, you cant have the good without the bad, and there is good from all the bad, experience, i now know alot more about reefing than i did one year ago when i started it as my first salt tank, like everyone, ive made mistakes, but i have learned from them, and am now the proud owner of a mature stable Nano Reef :)


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