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some shroom/zoo compatability


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hello all! In my 10 gallon nano I got three green ricordia mushroom, I was wondering if I can add 2 more orange or red ricordia right next to eachother. Will they sting eachother or would they live good together? Also, I have yellow polyps I was wondering if I get some nice zoos can I put that rock right next to the rock w/ the yellow polyps. Thanks!

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Polyps Like sea mat's, Zoo's and button's Generaly dont sting anything and they dont sting eachother that I know of. They do produce a chemical that they release if the get picked at by crabs or a fish. I don think it is all that harmful to anything though.


I have a sea mat polyp rock right next to a finger leather and right above those ( about 4 inches) is a toadstoool leather. Below them all right up against another sea mat polyp rock I had a green rickordea polyp. I noticed my sea mat stayed in alot right up against it. I moved it away from it about 4 inches and it is fine now.

They seem to be living in total harmony in my 5.5g.


As for the ricordeas stinging eachother, no they dont sting eachother. But dont put anything else up against them. Be carful not to let the ricordeas block the light from echother either as when they spread out they get quite big around.


All of this is just from my own experiences thus far in my short term in the hobby. I hope it helps you.

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