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Coral Vue Hydros

i just dont get it


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okay i must be an idiot (flame on) becuase the my "easiest-to-keep-coral" GSP refuses to live. For a few months it steadily creeped onlong and spread out a bit, now it refuses to open up at all. No changes in anything. Water parameters are fine. I can keep chili corals, toadstools, montipora but not GSP, go figure.

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< can't keep shrooms or leathers happy.. go fig ???


Have you tried swearing at them? I scared a finger leather into extending polyps...

Try dosing some Iodine and checking yer Mg and Sr levels.

If all else fails, Print out a pic or ImgEvilEspi.Jpg and paste it up on the side of yer tank and perhaps the GSP will do what is right( If it knows whats good fer it !)

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i havent tried cussing at it yet, i will have to try that next. maybe a pic of me ripping a polyp out of its cozy little home dosing it with pure salt will inspire the others to come out. hehehehe

Gotta go buy some more test kits now.

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put it in an area with good flow, may make it come out a little. like dave said try dosing iodine and make sure there isn't any flow going straight down on top of them. and i wouldn't try shoving a picture of dave right in their faces, if i was a polyp i would NEVER come out after seeing that :P jk dave:happy:

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give it a couple of days. gsp's can be touchy and weird.


i've got a colony that got burned (infection/disease) into four different sections. but the gsp grows slightly faster than the infection so it looks like the colonies are migrating across the rock (12" so far).


like metz suggests make sure there's a good flow across the colony than at the colony. how's your actinics doing?


also check for bristleworms. ime too many worms end up crawling underneath the mat which seems to irritate the gsp's to close more often.

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