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Hello Everybody, I haven't posted in some time but I've been reading everyday. My question is on my Toadstool Leather. It has been hunched over for 3 days now. It's putting out it's slime coat. I have dosed with more Iodine and moved it down to the front so it can get some more flow. Are there any other recomindations?


Here is a pic

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i have a huge golden toadstool in my 100gl that is like that it opens up full for 5 or 6 days then its closed and shlufes off its slime for like 2 or 3 i thinks its pretty normal think beings mine does not do anything else but grow...lol

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Have you done anything dif to the tank recently?

Perhaps the plate or another coral/Softie touched it, or another coral and is exuding noxious chemicals in the water?


Occasionaly the leathers will shed their waxy coats. Its normal. If it doesnt return to former state, try increasing Flow. ;)



PS We now have a forum fer this its called Coral Care.. I fantasize about Chris Marks moving this thread there VERY Shortly.... LOL..

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post a pic of the whole tank if possible. it let's us see (somewhat) the dynamics involved.


is there any detritus on the crown? you have to blow it clean (turkey baster) occasionally.


dave has a point about chemical interference from tankmates.


i find if leathers shed too often it points to an inherently stressful environment or simply an insufficient cleanup crew (microalgae on coral skin). while normal, shedding is a cleansing mechanism that diverts the animal's resources from more normal functions such as growth and reproduction.

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whole tank pic

The toadstool is normally in the back right corner. It's about 4 to 5 inches from the hammer...so I don't think that's the problem. I did recently start dosing with Kent liquid Calcium. HHMMM? I'm going to try increasing the flow over it with a PH when I move it back to where it was. (it's up front now because of the flow)

Any other ideas?

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i agree, it could be the shrooms, especially if the flow is back to front at that location.


could also be adjusting to the light intensity at the center. you said you moved it from the back right (dim) to front center (bright). if so it should slowly adjust itself over a week or so (no longer). was the retraction about the same time as the move?


check your pH (beginning of photoperiod, middle, and end). a two part solution for ca/alk is better imo (altho i also use the CaCl at times as well).

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The Leather was moved yesterday to get more flow. I think the light was just as intense where it was if not more because it was up on the rocks and under the light (not pushed in the corner). I think it's time I put a Powerhead in the tank to get some more flow. The Star is a Red Linckia. The lighting on the tank is a 32w PC from Chris. Thanks Unit...my tank has undergone a few changes in the last year plus a move to our new house. I still want something for the right hand side. I'm hoping when this leather gets back to health it will fill in the back corner (high)and allow me to put something low up front.

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