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Deskjockey the slug merchant


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I received my bag o' slugs from desk and they are doing well. Desk sent me three large ones, a tiny one and there was a little caulerpa in the bag that I also tossed in the fuge in case there were babies in the grapes.


I know desk isn't a merchant and this was just a nice gesture on his part but I figured he deserved some praise. The bag was well packed and the goodies arrived alive and early and, if you ever get to do a little swapping with him, rest assured, he knows what to do.

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Hey thanks man!!:happy:


Glad to hear the little guys are doing well. You mentioned it snowed there yesterday, was the box temp okay?


Keep an eye on them I swear from observing them in the fug they seem to be pretty damn smart!


well Im off to breed my army of super intelligent slugs....

mmmwhhhaaa hahahaha

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