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phosphates are 0.2 still have brown growth?


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My phosphates are 0.2

I do a water change every six to seven days, I have lots of pink, mint green and dark purple growing on my rock more and

more every week, my question is why by the fifth day I start to get a more grown on my rocks and sand but my phosphates are

still 0.2 im using distilled water for top offs and water changes every week, could it be something other then phosphates giving

me the brown algae growth, it seems to be diatoms, my sand looks a little like a brown rug in some areas

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Ok, well it could be silicates not necessarily phos...try a product by ultralife, it is called red slime remover. Took care of my problem a while ago. Also, make sure to use RODI!


BTW, are you overfeeding?

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I have a clown and a yellow watchman and only feed like once a week! Try cutting back or doing more water changes. You have excess nutrients from something!

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