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Kogut Got a NanoCube DX?


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Yes, folks, the rumors are true. (I know there weren't any, so shhhh)... I couldn't stay away from saltwater for too long, you all knew that.


One of the perks of working @ a LFS is that I get great deals on pretty much anything and everything in the shop. Being that we cater to an upper-middle class area, the perks are damn good. I ended up trading my RO/DI unit to my boss for a 6gal NanoCube yesterday. Upon getting it home, I found it cracked. Lovely. So, for about $50, I came home with a brand new NanoCube DX. B) Anyways.... Here's some pics to prove that I'm telling the truth. The sand still has to settle, but enjoy the pics and specs. I expect lots of frags coming my way in the mail since I have nothing left from the 20L/40R days. :(


10# LS

10# LR cured in the LFS tanks and aged to purple coraline perfection

PolyFilter in chamber 3 before the pump

A sponge in chamber 1

50watt heater in chamber 1

LR rubble filling chamber 2


Far Away w/ No Flash



Far Away w/ Flash



Close up (No Flash) 1



Close up (No Flash) 2




No final design on the rocks until the sand settles, of course. Right now they're just kinda sitting in there. I'm going to get/make a pre-filter and add another PH of some kind.



Frag Tank. I want to get a lot of amazing small pieces of soft corals like zoas and rics since all I've ever done is SPS (sounds weird, I know). I want a dendro again. I want a small green/pink frogspawn again, too.


Fish planned:

Fridmani Pseudochromis or 4-Line Wrasse (Maybe both)

Possible pair of onyx clowns (another LFS discounted perk)

Yashia Goby w/ Shrimp



Sorry I've been missing for so long, everyone. Been busy as hell w/ school. Now I just have to decide if I like UCSantaBarbara or UCSantaCruz better for next year. ;)





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Hey what's up Kogut, long time no see buddy. Well glad to see you here and I cant wait to see this cube up and going. I might go out there one day to that store where you work and check to see what you have. I clicked on the link and I noticed that there is a aquarium talk radio, that's awesome.


Advanced Aquatics down on San Fernando Road. Right before the 14 Freeway. :)


By the way is that right before the 14 off the 5?

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You work for a buddy of mine - Dave! I've bought all my tanks and buy most of my corals from there. He knows more stuff about the aquarium business than anybody I know. Takes the time to make sure you do it right the first time. That place is like my second home. Now, if we could just hook him up with a nice lady, I'm sure that will make him happy all the time. Ha ha.


Cesar, go north on the 14 and get off at San Fernando Road. The exit curves around until you are on San Fernando Road. The shop is on the left side just past a Mobil station that is on the right. I recommend going there on a Wednesday or Thursday because Dave gets his Saltwater stuff on Wednesday mornings. By the time Saturday comes, it's slim pickings. And yes, I have been bugging Dave for years to go down and get Saltwater stuff 2 times a week.

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Hahaha. Yeah. I'm the long-haired kid who is in there Tues-Thurs from 3-7pm (aka when we close). Dave's a good guy, for sure. I, btw, keep all the display tanks looking the way they do. :)

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Haha. Small world in a small town. :P


Anyways... I ventured out to B16A2NR's place in Fullerton today and came back with the first additions to the tank. :) Pics up once everyone's open (maybe tomorrow). Ended up w/ a few little yumas and several various zoa frags. :)

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HA-HA! I knew you couldnt stay out of it for long!


Cool, just hope it doesnt crack on you! Looks good so far :)

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Long time, no update. :P


I now have a Fridmani and a bunch of coral from B16A2NR, combined with some freebies from work.


I added one of those CPR Overflow attachments yesterday. It's the greatest thing I've ever found for $10. You put the piece of acrylic over your little intake to chamber 1, and it sits there w/out you doing anything. It makes a huge difference. Go get one if you have a nanocube.


Trying to get a Yashia and Shrimp soon.....

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K, only pics I can provide are of the newest fish, the Lawnmower Blenny. He needs a name. Girlfriend coming over tomorrow, so that won't be a problem for long. Haha.












It's a teeny-tiny baby.

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UCSB you can get free natural sea water, but you'll more than pay for it in rent... ouch

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Maybe I'll fetch you some pics later, Pili. :P My entire family is coming over to celebrate my 18th birthday, so there will be plenty of need to escape. :P

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I've just realized that I don't contribute anything to this poor thread. My tank is overrun w/ macro algae, and the glass on all 3 sides is brown, but perhaps I'll clean it off over the next few days and snap some pics. I don't even have any. :P Wish I could find my yashia and pistol to photograph. :| Buggers.

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