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Zoanthid fans!


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I just noticed that on reef central they have a new zoanthid forum. I noticed some of our fellow nano-reefers on there (gilman, etc..) and thought that you guys might want to check it out. there are some AMAZING pictures in there of zoos. man makes me want to cry that i dont have some of them! well check it out www.reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=184



P.S they already know about logical reef and they all reccomend it..... (arrggg less zoos for us!!):P

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Bryan if you're out there reading this, there should be some Nano-reef.com exclusive pieces.



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I want some of those blue ones. Man those are sweet looking. I have a huge flat piece of live rock that splits in two directions at the bottom into a bowl shape. I'm in the process of covering it with different varieties of zoos. So far I have 6. I do have one unique one it's a dark kelly green center with maroon / orange edges. Need to show you guys a pic if I ever get a camera.

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It was me. I posted positive feedback in a few places and have turned some of the locals here in A-town on to his site. More business for Bryan means he can buy bigger tanks to grow us more zooos!!!!


Must have zoos! Give to me!

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The guy is already sold out. I don't think he needs the business right now.:P


Bryan's got a monopoly.... Why don't some businesses selling livestock take after him? I live in a little town where the LFS sucks, and all I can do is make orders, I've ordered 5 fish in my life, and 2 of them came dead (both from a place starting with marine, and ending with depot live).

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Hey now, no being mean to the RC'er like me. lol... We know all about the zoos.... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


I got 8 zoo rocks from Bryan! heehee....


Rock Anemone:D


P.S. If you guys join RC, USE this link PLEASE! That way I will get som referals and get a reward for frags and be nice and propagate them for you!





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