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Aqualux and Alife 5Gal


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I recently bought a Alife 5Gal tank with built-in sump and stuff (for $125). The tank is wonderful. However, the lighting system makes me worry. It uses 1 Aqualux 27W combo bulb - straight pin. I've looked on all the online store I know of and I couldn't find any thing that may fit my lighting system. Aqualux bulbs are no where to be found. The closest thing is Coralife 28W but they are square pin. I saw some 32W but they are all longer than my tank (my tank is 12" long). To make the story short, does anyone know anywhere that sells the 27W Aqualux bulbs? I would like to buy 10 boxes...just kidding. Otherwise, can anyone tell me what other bulbs will fit a 12" long tank, 27-36W and have straight pin?


Thank so much,


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