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Does anyone know the Kelvin temperature of a white LED? I am looking at buying some screw in LED retrofit kits, and am not sure of the Kelvin rating. Thanks! B)

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One Eyed Bunny

I thought I've heard 6700k and other times 10000k. I'd imagine it would depend upon the bulb. Again, I realy em not 100% but I do think I remember those two figures.

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Different LEDs have different color temperatures. They are not all identical.


I used 6500K LEDs for my array, however, due to the nature of LEDs, a 6500K LED "looks" like a 10,000K because of a spike in the blue spectrum.

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I have been able to "acquire" through a factory rep, 2 9w white LED screw in lamps. I am going to mod my Eclipe hood to accomodate these 2 lamps and am wondering what the light output is going to be. Not that my lighting now is that great (10w 50/50), but I know that 18 white LEDs must put out more than 18 watts....

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