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Skilter 250 Skimmer Filter


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Skilters really don't have a good reputation of pulling gunk out by itself. If you already have it, you can put an airstone in the reaction chamber to increase output. If you don't have it yet, try looking into a different skimmer like the ViaAqua skimmer. I've seen it in action and it looks good.

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Personally, I don't like the skilter. That was my first filter on a reef and it was constantly putting micro bubbles back into the tank! Also, did not remove much skimate. Try a prism!

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I was wondering about Skilters myself. And the answer I came to on my own is throughout EVERYTHING I have ever done, when I attempt to use a 'multi-tool' product to save a few pesos - I end up trashing it in favor of the good stuff!


They always appear like such a great deal. It slices it dices, etc. Not quite good enough to stand on it's own in any particular area, but good enough overall to maybe get you by.


The one I was looking over was only $69 at my LFS. Seemed to good to be true, so I chucked it back onto the shelf. I've been there ,done that too many times in the past.


My thoughts are you are normally better served to drop the coin on exactly what it is you need the first time instead of wasting your jack on mediocre cr@p which doesn't do a good enough job for you to begin with.

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