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Circulation in a 20G....


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Hi -


This summer Ill have to downsize a 90G reef to a 20G when I head off to grad school.


I'm trying to figure out how best to create varyting currents, and its down to two ideas.:


1. External closed loop with Ehiem 1250 through a OM Squirt.

2. Tunze 7200/2 powerhead w/singlecontroller. For those unframiliar with this it is a 150-600 GPH powerhead that can be controlled like the larger streams.

(3. Combine the two, 7200 in tank with outupt run up to an OM squirt. Best of both world, but expensive and complex)


Basiclally the choice is between constant flow rate coming from various directions, or varying flow rate from one location.


This will be a priamarily soft coral /LPS tank, though its definately doing to have a monti cap and a red digitata...


Any thoughts?


- Bob

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How about drill the tank for option 1, and also drill the tank for the closed loop, option 2. Plug up one or the other. This will allow you expand in the future and reduce costs for now.


Obviously I choose option 3.

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