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protein skimmer for 12 gallon nano-cube


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Good evening,


I would like to purchase a protein skimmer for my 12 gallon nanocube. Can you please recommend a good skimmer for this size cube. Thank you.



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Welcome to N-R.com.

A good protien skimmer eh? Well considering there is really only one PS out small enough to fit in the cube, I'd say you could get the Current Fission skimmer. You can get it from www.nanocustoms.com.


I wouldn't say this is a really good skimmer though. Many here have had problems with the micrbubbles it produces.


Another route you could go would be to DIY(Do It Yourself) one. There are quite a few threads on these in the DIY Forum here. I've built a few of the designs provided by undertheradar, they are great designs. HTH

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I have a fision and it is currenly un plugged. It totally stinks because all you get is water instead of skimate. I called the guys at fission and they said you have to raise it up higher for it to work correctly. The problem is that it would require a serious mod to the hood for it to fit. Build your own if you can. Good news is that i am only out 29.99 :D

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Hey, check out the skimmer in my signiture. The link is "CD case skimmer."


I made it for only $2 (price of super glue).

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I have a fission and I agree it sucked unmodified. But check out the long thread below that has been going on on this subject. The solution to this problem is lowering the water level in your back compartments...which can cheaply be accomplished by buying a $30 adjustable nanoskimmer. I just ordered one, and while I wait I am using a crudly modified one that I concocted....by itself this crude surface skimmer has made a huge difference in my floating tank crud.


Hope this helps....


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So there any links to a definitive DIY design for the NC12 that works well with explicit instructions?
Just keep your eye on undertheradar's wetworx nano skimmer thread in the DIY forum. He'll have one shortly that should fit nicely into the back compartments of the NC12DX or OG.
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