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Bad Champion Lighting Experience!!!


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I had an absolutely terrible experience with Championlighting.com. Aside from every person I spoke with being completely rude and unhelpful, they refused to sell me a light I had ordered and paid for. They did this based on the fact that I called too many times (3) after the order was placed to ask simple questions that they should have answered inititally. I.E. Order total, tracking #, and measurements. Anyway, I had a really lot of trouble from one guy named Perry Kunkle, who threatened not to give me a credit on my card. This is not a service company, they want your money and to move product and thats it! So if your fairly new to the hobby I would strongly cuation ordering anything from them. And frankly, I am giving a general message of buyer beware due to what they did to me with my Credit Card.


This is all taken care of at this point but not before I contacted the Attorney general of PA. and the Better Business Bureau of PA, both of whom Champion has an extensive file with.


If I can help one person to avoid what I dealt with, then writing this was worth it. There are plenty of other wonderful, and fairly priced lighting vendors on the web that are eager to help with simple questions, I urge you to take this into consideration. Best of luck!!

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The one tiem I had bought from them, I had a good experience with them. I bought a Mag 3 from them. They didnt seem to have anything to be wrong with them

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JC you were probably an idiot on the phone to them. Perry has NO TIME to answer mundaine questions. I have delt with him for 5 + years never an issue... YES he is a PITA at times, but so is everyone.

He (and others there at Champion) handle HUNDREDS of calls a day and idiots are NOTwell received.

Chanpion is NOT a help line nor are they a call center for dopes who dont know jack about what producst and specs are that they offer. I use them almost EXCLUSIVELY because they are no Bullsh*t straightforward and my stuff shows up 3 days after the fact of ordering (UNLESS IT IS OUT OF STOCK). Try thinking and researching your products before ordering from a PROFESSIONAL SUPPLY HOUSE next time... perhaps if you are able to order with intelegence, they won't be so harsh......


PS: nice sig..... Try NOT being a total TOOL and perhaps some one will respect you when you call a Pro-Aquatic_suppy house. ;)





EDIT: fix VB codes.

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Originally posted by jc51373

I don't understand what you are requesting


quoted from the forum rules as written by christopher marks...


line 4:This is not a forum for bashing for fighting. If you have been ripped off in a trade, simply post the facts to the situation and move on. Your post is a warning to others


what i am SUGGESTING is that the title of this thread should be "ChampionLighting.com"


i am also SUGGESTING that instead of imparting your great wisdom on "all you newbies" simply state your experience and omit personal attacks


a member that is interested in a certain company or product should be able to simply browse and get a feel for the overall positive or negative attitude of the masses and if interested, read any further comments left by the individual posters.


i am neither praising nor defending the service or products distributed by championlighting as i have not ordered from them.

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To Dave Espi...Yeah and maybe you'll die in your sleep, you venomous S.O.B. You sound like as good a business person as the brainiacs at Champion. Your made for each other so go on your miserable way with them. Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me. If I am about to spend my hard earned money and merchant agrees to accept it to create a profit on a product they are selling it is imcumbent upon them to answer my simple questions. Because you are right, I DON'T know everything, and don't presume to, much like yourself you incorrigible peice of garbage. My guess is you would run your own business much like you run your mouth and would end up with a long file with the Attorney general in your state like Champion. Although you sound too stupid to run a business..


I bet you have lots of friends too??? Or maybe your some total overweight ugly little dork who's parents sucked, gets in trouble with the law and has very little human interaction or social skills so you stay home allllll day and night because the only thing you can relate to is Fish other sociopathic activities. Judging by the way you treat people you don't even know on message boards this is the truth..Haha, poor, poor you! I bet if we were face to face you wouldn't talk so tough sissyboy, big strong GEEK on message boards.



It just so happens that I rely on the "friendly" people of this site and any business I may purchase products from to help with me with questions, not mean, bitter people that have nothing to contribute to society except negativity, be on your way..Best of luck to you and I am sorry you have to walk around life so stupid and angry. poor you :(



Ok and lastly, use of simple logic would tell you it is Champion that's the problem here..Even if it were me, does that give anyone the right to use a credit card as a tool of spite?? Bottom line is I have been in the hobby for years in one way or another, and purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars in merchandise, either on line or at stores and NEVER experienced a problem like this, until I met Champion. Even Dave Espi went to far as to ADMIT they were PITA (pain in the ass) at champion. So for all you newbies out there you do the math here and trust the attorney general's office of PA if not a person with an axe to grind. If I can help even one person avoid what I dealt with then I feel I have helped....But the fact that some bitter angry, immature person with no cause says it is GOOD should lend no credibility to his argument. Case Closed.


Best of luck to anyone searching for equipment!

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Umm dave is tall and skinny... dorky maybe.

However he does run a good business in my opinion... I harass him day and night on AIM with questions... and he always answers them. So... don't presume things...

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Sarcasm: Yeah good advice I will try and not be too presumptuous about Dave after he RIPPED into me without provocation! Take your special (probably gay) interests and go mind your own business pally! He is an ass to everyone else on these message boards so you are in the minority of defense, just because you have a love affair with each other again gives no one the right to speak the way he has to me and others. However, judging by the intelligence of his response to me and the fact he communicates negatively mainly by means of the internet, that says alot more about how much of a deadbeat loser he is. But don't tell me not to presume after the way he tore into me. I only wish I had the opportunity to say all this to both your faces!


The point here is Champion is a fraudulent bunch of bad business runnin jerks, BUYER BEWARE!. If I have to include you and Dave the dork in that point as well, so be it!

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Hey JC, before you go too nuts on these guys (Champion Lighting lighting) I want you to read this http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/mont...6/msg00269.html Opinions of product are one thing but slander to a specific business to this extreme could land you on the other end with the attorney general and get this site is some major s*** as well. Just a word to the wise and by no means am I praising nor defending either. Just watch the way you say certain things. Just my 2 cents.

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Sorry to hear you had a bad Experience with those guys, I have had not one problem with them, they have given great prices and really fast delivery. Sometimes you just get the wrong person at the wrong time, I think the holding of your money is BS though.

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JC... you need to grow up... I defend someone so you accuse me of being gay? First off... get your stupid biggotted ass off the board... second... you'll find that Dave has a lot more support than you think...

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Yeah, hellolights makes some nice bulbs. I ordered some stuff from them last week that will be here tomorrow. About 3 minutes after placing the order, I got a call from Scott to answer any questions and to let me know that they are on the way. Yes, 3 minutes and out the door, now thats service.

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As i have stated before Dave might be harsh but never without reason. Hes a good source fore REAL information on the topic of reefs. As for the company your bashing- it was one time. Get over it lifes too short to be bitter to the point of obsenity. now how about reefing....

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"Chanpion is NOT a help line nor are they a call center for dopes who dont know jack about what producst and specs are that they offer"



May i ask though what company has to much time for novices . Part of their jobs as salespeople is to inform and educate??? THat is the definition of sales.. NO?? Not sure why an experts money is better than a novice's

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Lone wolf it isn't, but there are experts who are inept on the phone too.

I have time for beginners and old hands a like..... ya drool on the rug too much and I'd cut ya off... its that simple :D

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I ordered a retrofit from them a few months back and one from AHsupply too. No complaints on either company but I pretty much knew what I want. I think JC is just having an issue presenting the facts without getting emotional. Which is understandable, but I seriously doubt the people at champion are busting a nut over giving you poor service. It's a business they sell stuff and the idea is to sell you something and maybe sell you something again in the future. And with the aforementioned tool in new york who makes a hobby of suing people , well, freedom of speech just watch what you say. Slander is not protected by the constitution and if you say someone sucks or their service sucks you may end up having to define suckage in a court of law someday.

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