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SE MH bulbs


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I've been doing some looking around. A while ago I got a SE MH bulb, pendant, and ballast from a friend. It's been sitting around for probably 6 months, and I just put it up on Saturday. I thought it was a 150 (I can't read it on the bulb), but the more I see, I'm thinking it's a 175, and I think it's a 10K.


Are there any SE MH bulbs that are less than 150W but are 14K? It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to go to a DE setup if I want something less. Does anyone know of a SE bulb that I can replace this one with? I don't really want to respend this money if I don't have to.



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Nope. 150w is the lowest reef spectrum SE bulb that I know of. Also, you'd have to replace the ballast if you went with something smaller anyway.


Your only other lower option would be the 70w DE setups.

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