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what the heck is going on??


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:*( Today I woke up and find that my 6 lined wrasse is dead and my long tentacle anenome is eating him!!! I also look at my xenia elongata and he looks really bad!!! Shriveled looking and not moving too much. What the heck is going on? I did a water test and all are normal. The only thing I did different is the following:

Added a new powerhead that rotates and I clipped a section of my xenia to propagate it. I added an octobubble coral as well. Now I know that propagating xenia could be a reason why he looks so bad today but I hope not. Does xenia look bad the following day when you cut a section? How about my wrasse? Why did he die? Did the anenome get him or did he die before and the anenome ate his remains? Could the new power head be a cause? Leaking bad something into the water? Or how about the octobubble? Could he be somehow stinging my xenia which is about 3-4 inches away in the tank? Does octobubble coral give off toxins? Please help with any thoughts. Vanessa:(

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the xenia just got chopped in half (or whatever) so that's why it looks bad. (probably)


the wrasse probably got too close (zap!). in big tanks it's not as often an issue but the smaller you go (with a long tentacle no less : ) you're more likely to have accidents.


what's the octobubble? bubble coral? then that could've zapped the wrasse first actually and the anemone just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


i doubt it's the PH as most are very good units (unless you bought something weird). stray voltage is an issue to some peeps but that a bit controversial and i don't think it would be so dramatic (w/o electrocuting everything).

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The Zenia will look like crapol'a for a week or two because you just hacked a peice of it off until it regenerates.


The anenome in a nano is just a no no from the get go. The are mobile, sting any and all that touch it and eat just about anything.

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The anenome has been with the tank for 2 months and hasn't moved from the spot he was put in and he hasn't bothered any of the other fish either. Unless he sneaks up on the fish while they are sleeping and then does them in. If that is the case that the anenome ate the fish then he's a goner. I'll give him back to the LFS. Oh well live and learn. Now the problem is getting him off of the rock without ripping him apart! Thanks for the info.

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