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Lettuce Nudibranch - Where to Buy??


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I just read about lettuce nudis and how they devour hair algae so now I am desperate for some. Anyone know where in the LA area (hopefully near Pasadena) I can get them or anyone don't want theirs??

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i bought from this guy a couple of years ago, www.reeftopia.com


i'm not sure if he has stock all the time tho. i remember him as a diver rather than transshipper/importer. i eventually lost them all to the 'overflow'. X)


his are usually 'big' packages for algae control, other than the nudis.

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a bit of caution with the lettuce nudi as I had one that cleaned house and then died. they will eat tons of hair algae and they will grow rather fast. Sadly, they will also quickly run out of food and they have two main ways to get from one place to another. Ther first is the obvious way, that of the slow crawl across rock or glass. The second, can and usually does, result in tragedy. The nudi might let itself get swept up in the current until it lands on a new patch of rock to seek out food. I saw this happen several times and each time I thought the poor fella had died. I gently scooped out the floater and it started crawling across my hand. So, I learned to leave the nudi alone and it did what it did best for about a month and a half. Then it finally found the intake of one of my powerheads. End of nudi as it got stuck, had to be carefully removed, and never recovered. On the bright side, they don't release toxins like other slugs do but still, a sad way to watch something that was so beautiful and so helpful, die.

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