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water changes


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I would like to know what the consensus is about having no fish in a 10 gallon. I am thinking about going without fish if it means a little longer between water changes.

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At least 5% weekly. Water changes are not done only to keep waste under controll, they are done to keep Ca, I, and other elements at proper levels.

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No fish really won't have an effect on your water changes. Corals, shrooms, etc excret slimes and waste material........in fact reefs produce more waste than just fish only tanks do. That is one reason why reef tanks highly benifit from skimmer use.


You should do water changes but how much and how often are based partially on your bioload and partially on how the water looks (partially to do with your current filter setup.


I do roughly 1.5 gallons on my 7 bow every 2 months.....light bioload.....I do 25 gallon every 2 months on my 150 gallon system....really nothing in there yet.


Do some research on water changes and you'll catch some patterns when it comes to bioload vs. how much and how often water changed should be done.



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ive got about 15-20 pounds live rock. 10 pounds ls a penguin mini hangon no bio wheel no media a rio 50 and an aqua clear 101 ph. thats about it. i feed my fish like 3 times a week. dose very minimally and all is well.

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