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Cultivated Reef

A prayer from england ........


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Just to say that we were all saddened by the loss of your astronauts earlier today.


Our whole family sat and watched the horrific stories on sky news (uk), the pictures where hurrendous.


may the lord, take the souls of such courageous and commited people, and hold them in his strong arms.


My I and no doubt WE, give our solumn condolences to the families, loved ones and children.


And say that there lives contributed to such great cause, to which there job would only be love to themselves, which by me could only be, and summed up as ........


..... proud to be american


god bless america






:| :| :| :|

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Very nice Lee. It hit home hard as I only live a few miles from Cape Canaveral.


I've never been a "space guy", but following the story yesterday tore me up a bit.


They are all blessed souls.


Peace, Bryan

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we're regular to florida, and visited the space centre too.


will be my 8th time there this year.


Seen so many live launches too, but away from the centre, ive seen one from 50 miles away, and the sky scene is awesome, could hear it too.






:( :( :( :(

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