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Looking to buy more lighting


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Really cool video clip dude...Anyway, I have just recently ordered and not received to date what sounds like it is going to be a sweet light set up from Petsupplyliquidators.com. I ordered 150W HQi (ushio) with 2 55Watt actinic PC's with fan built in. I will let you know how I like when I receive them but this might be a great place to start. The people there were more than friendly and helpful...Whatever you do start by reading my signature about Champion, that will give you a good idea of where NOT to go! Best of luck.

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check that out.


by "more lights" i assume you mean that you're looking to ADD lights to your hood. a retrofit is what you're considering, yes? what is your current tank size? what are you looking to add compact fluorecent bubs or metal halide or HO T5s or VHOs or normal outputs?




are you looking to ditch your current setup for a new system?



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