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Hawk fish in 20g high??


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I would like to get another flame hawk I had one in my 55g reef but I have a 20g high with around 30lbs of LR and soon to be a full reef. Is this too small for a flame hawk fish?

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It depends on what else you have in there, as well as your own habits. Do you change the water weekly, do you have it aquascaped so there is room for the fish to swim, is there anything else in the tank that might not get along with the hawk, or is there any thing in the tank that the hawk might like to munch on? "THEY"( whoever that is) recommend that hawkfish be kept in no less than a 30gal. However, if your tank is not highly stocked, but highly maintained, I'd give it a try.

Good luck


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Just a reminder:


1) Flame hawks have "NO" swim bladder. So a High/Tall tank really doesn't help them at all.


2) Provide lots of perches and shelves for them to sit on. So, this might crimp your style, especially when you're trying stock it full of coral.


3) Don't even try to keep shrimp with them. Somepeople say the "lines" on a cleaner tell predators that its a friend, not just a meal. When in fact, I think a hawk see's a big, red, neon sign saying "eat me"!


4) Al that being said, if you can do 1-3, and you find a small one (2-2.5"), it would be an awesome sight in a reef.


Good luck!

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