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New portable RO Unit!

Twins Guy

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Perfect for nanoreefers! well, i hope! i stumbled across this unit at a LFS-much props to them-even though they generally do a shat job! It's called the Watermaker Mini by Nimbus and it is faucet-mounted much like one of those brita or pur filters. I've done a lil research on it. It appears to be a CTA membrane as TFC membrane units are damaged by chlorine and therefore prefiltered with carbon. It will process 8 gallons per day give or take-depending on household water pressure. Waste water is about 2 gallons/1 gallon of product water. I've attached a couple links. the first is the products homepage and provides more detailed info and specs. the second link is to the outlet with the best price i've found so far on the internet. replacement cartridges run about $50 and the manufacturer recommends its replacement on a yearly basis. it is recommended that the unit be refrigerated (not frozen) when not in use. hopefully you guys realize that this isn't spam (i promise!), its just a solution to a lot of our water demands. let me know what ya'll think, or if you already have experience with this product. i apologize if this has been covered before, but searches provided zero evidence of its discussion. HTH!




PS way sad news about the columbia! my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected!

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Christopher Marks

That's a neat little unit, but for not much more you can get a 2 stage system w/ a prefilter and a much higher output membrane. At that item's current sale price though, it may be worth it.

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yep, good point chris! for me though this may be my only option. i've got a ton of crap-was at the mn aquarium society auction this morning-i have more fish crap than the whole society!-and this thing is small-seriously the box is no larger than a marineland powerhead box. fer me smaller is better, and more condusive to my nomadic apartment living lifestyle. i've been looking for something like this for awhile.

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if anyone were concerned about purity of the watermaker mini's product it could be directly run thru a tap water purifier. i bet it would be as pure as any high-end RO/DI unit's water. just an idea (since i have one of these in my basement too).

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