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worms on liverock ID help


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I've got some sort of worms that have started to appear on my liverock and recently on some parts of my sandbed. During the day they look like super small pieces of white rice. When the lights go off the piece of rice extends and turns into a long string (anywhere from an 1-2 inches) with little hairs or feelers running all along the string. They seem to be connected to the rock with only one string/feeler/body/thing per location.


Also have what seems to be a "cirratulid" or hair worms that is living along side my toadstool mushroom. Purple looking tube that usually has 2 of these brown/red tentacles sort of floating around (also some sort of weird white gill looking vent about an inch away from him - don't know what that is?). Sort of like him...I've name him "Lurch". Don't care too much for the other "extenda-worms" live on the LR - hoping and assuming they are harmless and possibly even beneficial.

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Well, despite your great descriptions, I'm drawing a blank on both of them. I'm guessing you don't have a camera, huh?


With nothing else to offer, here are some of my favorite sites for checking out hitch hikers. You will have to search various pages at each site, scroll down, etc. If nothing else, you may find some entertaining reading. Good luck!








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